• Why buy from you?
    As we are not a manufacturer we have no specific ties to any brand, this allows us to be unbiased and recommend the best products for your vehicle. We also offer custom set-up for LSDs to get the best performance out of your vehicle. With fitting custom set-up is free of charge.

  • Why can’t I buy directly from the website?
    Before processing an order we want to double check the LSD fitment for your vehicle, and give you a delivery estimate. This also ensures we can let you know if the LSD you have chosen will work well with the type of use you are intending. Once this is confirmed we provide an invoice with the option to pay via BACS or by Card.
    Please contact us via email, call us, or use the contact forms to purchase a LSD.

  • Are all your prices current?
    Yes, all of our prices are current, we make an effort to keep them constantly updated. In the event of a major currency fluctuation or the manufacturer changing the price suddenly we will inform you of any price alteration before you receive an invoice.

  • How can I pay?
    If you want to pay via card then a payment link will be in the invoice. If you have chosen to pay via BACS then we will inform you when we receive the payment.

  • What does custom set-up do?
    It fine-tunes the LSD to precisely suit your vehicle. This involves changing ramp angles, altering preload, and changing the number of friction plates. This controls how aggressive the lock is, the stability under braking, and the turn in response. High level race cars such as F1, WEC, GT, and Touring Cars change LSD settings for different circuits & weather conditions. We set-up the LSD to suit the vehicle, the driver, the type of driving you do most frequently, and to work excellently with all circuits.

  • Why don’t you supply …… brand of LSD?
    We only supply brands which we would use (or do use) in our own vehicles. All the LSDs we sell have been manufactured and tested thoroughly in racing environments. We feel confident in their performance & reliability, and are willing to put our name behind them.

  • Do LSDs require different oils?
    When using a Quaife or Wavetrac ATB they should use the vehicle manufacturers recommended grade of oil. A special limited-slip oil is not necessary, and using one will reduce the torque biasing effect.
    A Plate LSD used in a transverse or transaxle gearbox should use the vehicle manufacturers recommended grade of oil. This should not have any limited-slip additives as the synchro rings will not work properly.
    A Plate LSD requires a limited-slip oil when used in an axle / differential. This should be the same grade as the manufacturers recommended oil. However the W grade does not matter, for example a LS90 GL5 can be used instead of a 75W 90 GL5.

  • What oil should I use in my gearbox?
    The standard grade of oil recommended from the vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle manufacturer has spent millions developing the transmission, and will have designed it to be used with a specific grade of oil. Deviating from this might affect the longevity, fuel economy and shift quality.

  • What oils are recommend for my Caterham transmission?
    For the Type 9, Mazda Gearbox & Caterham 6 Speed we recommend Redline MTL 75W 80 GL4. If Redline MTL is not available then a high quality 75W 80 GL4 must be used. This ensures smooth shifting and prolongs the service life.
    For the BMW differential and the Sierra differential a 75W 90 GL5, 80W 90 GL5 or a 90 GL5 grade oil should be used We would recommend our RRTOils HD80W-90 GL5 for Open Differentials or ATBs. When equipped with a LSD an LS90 GL5 should be used. Failure to do so will result in excessive noise and permanent damage to the differential. We would recommend our RRTOils LS90 GL5.

  • I don’t know which gearkit to use with my vehicle?
    This depends entirely on the power & torque of the engine, and the type of use intended for the vehicle. For options & pricing please contact us.

  • Do I need an LSD?
    If you lose traction when driving, then yes, an LSD is essential to putting more power down to the road. An LSD will help standing starts, increasing acceleration. Faster cornering speeds are also possible with an LSD as more power can be transferred to the wheel with grip.
    For standard road use the increase in traction can be hugely beneficial, especially when driving in less than optimal conditions such as on a wet road, in ice, or in mud.

  • Why don’t more vehicles have an LSD from the factory?
    Cost cutting. All vehicles are built to a budget, and from a marketing perspective having an LSD is not a big seller as most people don’t know what it is, and what they do. A vehicle manufacturer can can make greater sales by advertising a car with 500HP than they can by advertising they have an LSD, and it becomes very low priority from a marketing perspective. What they fail to mention is the car with 500hp will not be able to put the power down in the lower gears. Car manufacturers are becoming increasing aware of this as more front wheel drive vehicles have LSDs in them (or at least as a factory option). Such as the Nissan Juke Nismo RS, Ford Fiesta ST/ Focus ST, and the Opel (Vauxhall) Corsa VXR/ Astra VXR.

  • Do I need an ATB or Plate LSD?
    It depends on the type of use and the type of vehicle. As this is a complicated question there is no right answer for everyone. For a less aggressive road upgrade we would recommend either a Quaife ATB or Wavetrac ATB. They are both highly reliable, completely maintenance free, and come with an unlimited warranty. For more aggressive driving, and certain types of vehicle a Plate LSD might be more suitable. Both an ATB and a Plate LSD will have dramatic increases in traction.

  • Why are some LSD manufacturers vastly different in price for the same vehicle?
    Whilst the price isn’t indicative of quality, some of the more expensive LSDs have a complicated design, and use more expensive materials. All of the LSDs we supply are high quality, however the more premium brands such as Cusco and Drexler are aimed at the top tiers of racing, where strength, adjustability and performance are more important than building an LSD to fit a budget. Our lower cost LSDs are still race proven and, depending on requirements, might suit the vehicle better.

  • I can’t find an LSD for my vehicle?
    Some vehicles will not have a listed LSD fitment, this is sometimes due to an oversight, or it is an uncommon vehicle. This does not necessarily mean one is not available. Transmissions are shared between vehicles, and there may be an LSD available for a vehicle that shares your transmission. If there is no LSD available for your vehicle, a custom LSD may be worth considering. If you can’t find an LSD listed for your vehicle please contact us.

  • No LSD exists for my vehicle, can I get one custom made?
    We can arrange to get an LSD custom made from one of our manufacturers, we will spec the differential to suit your vehicle. This does take some time to arrange, design and to get manufactured. For a one off order a custom LSD is usually cost prohibitive. However ordering 10+ of the same LSD reduces the costs dramatically, this makes it ideally suited to a small batch production run, or owners of particularly unusual cars.

  • Will an LSD cure handling issues?
    It depends on the nature of the handling issues. Suspension set-up and tyres are the most likely cause of any handling issues. However LSDs can be used to negate certain handling issues. For example in a rear wheel drive car that naturally understeers near the traction limit an LSD can invoke controllable power oversteer, allowing for faster cornering. An LSD can also aid stability under braking. A correctly set-up LSD will make the most of the available grip, and will enhance the suspension set-up.

  • Will an LSD reduce my 0-60 times?
    Yes. All cars will experience some wheel spin on a fast standing start, an LSD will reduce the level of wheel spin, and allow more torque to be transferred to the ground. This results in faster 0-60 times.

  • Do LSDs require maintenance?
    Quaife ATBs and Wavetrac ATBs are maintenance free. Cusco, Drexler, Kaaz, Titan and Tran-X all require some ongoing maintenance, this is the same with all plate LSDs. The service length differs depending on the type of use, how aggressive the driver is, power of the vehicle, and the make of LSD. Drexer and Cusco generally have the longest service life due to their design. All of the plate LSDs can last for years without having to be checked or serviced when used in road vehicles. In racing conditions where a fraction of a second is important, regular check-ups can be useful to keep the LSDs performing as optimally as possible.
    Regular oil changes are recommended to help prolong service life.

  • How long will it take for my LSD to arrive?
    It depends entirely on where the stock currently is. We hold stock for some LSDs. If we have an LSD in stock then it can be with you the next day. If it is an uncommon LSD and has to manufactured and arrive from Japan, USA or Germany it can take up to 4 weeks. For items not in stock, but in Europe, they may take 5 working days to be sent to you. We will advise on delivery times before invoicing.

  • Do I need an LSD at the front or rear of my 4wd car?
    It depends on the vehicle, where the lack of grip is, and what you are doing with the vehicle. Rally cars aim to have LSDs, front, rear and centre to distribute power more effectively on low traction surfaces. If you could do this, it would maximise the level of grip. However, if you had to choose one, start with the end of the car that spins wheels most frequently.