Group Buys

Our LSD group discount scheme is open to car clubs, race teams, garages, and other groups of enthusiasts. All of the limited slip differentials we supply are on this scheme (Cusco Drexler, Kaaz, Quaife, Tran-X, Titan, and Wavetrac). Any combination of LSDs from any manufacturer, and for any vehicle are eligible.

5% off for 5 LSDs
6% off for 6 LSDs
7% off for 7 LSDs
8% off for 8 LSDs
9% off for 9 LSDs
10% off for 10+ LSDs

Terms and Conditions:

  • All limited slip differentials must be ordered and paid for together.

  • If multiple invoices are required all must be paid before any differential gets shipped.

  • The discount is for the cost of the LSD only. This does not include custom set up, shipping or fitting.

  • Each LSD can be sent to separate addresses.

Name *
Please Include LSD Part No, Vehicle Details, Type of use. (For BMW please include last 7 digits of VIN)