Quaife ATBs are known for their strength, smoothness and performance. With standard fitment on vehicles from Ford, GM, Lotus and Chrysler they are trusted for their reliability. Their helical design improves traction by torque biasing. This results in increased handling without locking the differential.

Quaife differentials are silent and smooth resulting in an excellent choice for road vehicles requiring improved traction. Track vehicles will also benefit from a Quaife ATB as they allow more power to be put down from a standing start, and increase cornering speeds. Vehicles where both wheels remain firmly on the ground benefit the most from Quaife ATBs as this allows their torque biasing to work the most effectively.

Quaife ATB - Transparent Case

Quaife ATB - Transparent Case

Each Quaife ATB is designed for the vehicle. Each vehicle benefits from a different torque biasing ratio to get the greatest performance. This is as a heavy RWD vehicle has different torque biasing requirements than a lightweight FWD.

All manufacturing takes places in their state of the art factories in Kent, England. Only the highest strength billet steel that meets ISO9001-2008 standards is used. Quality is guaranteed and to show this, Quaife provides a lifetime warranty for their ATBs.

Please contact us for more information or to purchase anything in the Quaife range. Please use the contact form on the bottom of the page, email us on sales@rrtransmissions.com, or call on 01959 525105. Once we confirm stock levels and delivery time an invoice will be provided. Payment via Debit Card / Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

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