Tran-X plated limited-slip differentials are manufactured by Quaife in their British factories, they maintain the same high standards as their ATBs. As a plated LSD, the Tran-X offers a more aggressive alternative to the Quaife ATB whilst maintaining excellent value for money.

There is a wide range of preloads and ramp angles to choose from, giving flexibility in set up. Tran X uses plate material with a high friction coefficient to ensure high strength locking capabilities. This material is made from sintered brass and is highly durable allowing for increased service life.

Tran-X LSD

Tran-X LSD

The Tran-X range caters to mostly classic vehicles and some modern classics, giving a well needed traction upgrade to vehicles that need it the most. Their range of set-up options suits classic vehicles with performance upgrades and suspension upgrades as the differential can be tailored to the car. As a plate LSD they can be used in competition use that prohibit the use of ATBs in classic racing.

Tran-X also offer a trials spec differential to be used where an LSD is prohibited in competition regulations. This is an open differential that has been reinforced for competition use.

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