Innovation in Lubrication

RRTOils are the range of oils developed by Road & Race Transmissions. Using our knowledge of the transmissions industry, coupled with the technical expertise of chemical engineers we have developed our range of oils to offer the best possible protection for your gearboxes and differentials.

Gear oils have been somewhat left behind when compared to engine oils. The modern push in engines for longer service lives, increased efficiency, and reduced emissions has caused engine oil blends to advance rapidly. Unfortunately gear oils have been left behind as most manufacturers have not updated their gear oil blends for years, failing to take advantage of modern advancements in chemical engineering. We aim to rectify this and provide modern gear oils offering increased protection and efficiency.

Our oils are developed for motor-sport with maximum strength being the primary goal. Using cutting edge technology we are able to achieve this whilst also reducing drag, and reducing gear noise.

For oil enquires please contact sales@rrtransmissions.com