LS90 GL-5

Mineral Grade

Our LS90 GL-5 oil is designed from the ground up specifically for use in a high performance and motorsport environment. The lubricant is formed from a high quality mineral grade base oil and cutting edge additives.

RRTOils LS90 GL-5 is resistant to oxidation, shearing, and foaming. In addition to this it also has high film strength required for high powered vehicles.

The friction modifiers used are designed to reduce noise and wear in plate limited slip differentials(LSDs). Specifically they are optimised for use in LSDs with high friction materials such as, Molybdenum, Sintrack, Carbon, and Ceramics. They also provide backward compatibility with traditional metal on metal LSDs.

This custom blend is developed by chemical engineers alongside motorsport transmission experts in order to provide the best LSD oil possible. It undergoes rigorous testing before a final blend is decided upon. 

We are confident you can put your trust in RRTOils LS90 GL-5. 

For use in limited slip differentials, axles, and other transmissions requiring a GL-5 oil.

Can be used to replace viscosity grades 70W-90, 75W-90, 80W-90, 85W-90, and 90. 

Please note: Do not use in helical (torque biasing) LSDs such as Quaife and Wavetrac. It will not cause damage but will reduce the effectiveness.

Technical Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets will be provided upon request.

1L LS90 GL-5 - £18.00 Including VAT

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