Titan Traction Master limited-slip differentials are a favourite amongst Caterham owners. They are offered as a factory option for their vehicles and are an essential fit for higher powered race cars. Titan LSDs are one of the most popular and essential upgrades to improve handling and performance.

A Titan limited-slip differential fitted to BMW 168 Differential in a Caterham. The white markings show the crownwheel and pinon mesh pattern.

A Titan limited-slip differential fitted to BMW 168 Differential in a Caterham. The white markings show the crownwheel and pinon mesh pattern.

The Titan LSD was designed from the ground up to be used in Caterhams. It has been race proven, and the top competitors in the Magnificent 7’s, Caterham Supersport, Caterham 310R, and Caterham 420R series all use Titan limited-slip differentials that have been supplied and set up by us.

Titan has proven itself in competitive racing where a fraction of a second can make the difference between winning and losing. Compared to other LSDs Titan has seen over a 2 second reduction in sprint times over a 60 second course. This is due to their ability to allow more power to be put down from a standing start and their improvement in handling. A correctly set up Titan will allow oversteer on demand, which improves cornering speed, and will enable the driver to get on the power earlier aiding acceleration.

We have fitted hundreds of Titan LSDs and the most common feedback is how much of a difference they make. Even when upgrading from an existing LSD the difference is remarkable, this is due to their design perfectly suiting a lightweight car, allowing for a progressive feel without being overly aggressive.

The ‘Sintrak’ friction plate material used in the LSD has a very high coefficient of friction. This allows less plates to be used, and for them to be smaller in size whilst still providing a high level of lock. This reduction in size is well suited to a Caterham where less weight and rotating mass is important.

Ramp angles of 30/90 were chosen to allow for controllable lock under power, allowing for the throttle to precisely control the level of oversteer. Under braking there is no additional lock other than the preload, this allows for a responsive turn in without understeer. These ramp angles were chosen as they were found to be the most effective during testing.

The preload can be precisely set up to fine tune the handling dynamics to the driver. Working closely with race teams has given us the knowledge to know exactly what preload is suitable for different types of use, and different driving styles. To get the most out of a Titan LSD we recommend  

There is no other LSD available that has gone through the sheer quantity of testing and development the Titan has gone through. Well over 1000 Caterhams are currently using these LSDs, this shows that Titan is the clear choice for Caterham owners seeking maximum performance.

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